Mailboxes for rent in Duarte

Beverly Hills Postal Place offers their services to anyone who is searching for mailboxes for rent in Duarte. Are you in the Beverly Hills frequently or would like a mailbox with the famous Beverly Hills address? If that is the case the Beverly Hills Postal Place can accommodate your needs. As a company that has been serving companies and individuals worldwide for over 15 years, we have gained the experience and knowledge that you would want from any place that you would rent a mailbox. When you rent a mailbox with us you are receiving a Beverly Hills street mailing address with the prestigious 90210 or 90212 zip code, instead of a P.O. box number. One of the many different services that we have to offer is 24/7 access to your mail. This will allow you to not have to worry about getting to us before we close. Additionally, we offer mail and package forwarding to wherever you are in the world, so if you cannot pick up your mail due to your location we can send it to you. We also sign and accept mail under your behalf and will keep it safe and secure until you pick it up or give us forwarding instruction. Here at Beverly Hills Postal Place we make sure that all of your mail essentials are taken care of. As a UPS and FedEx authorized shipping center there is no better place to drop off the mail. Beverly Hills Postal Place also provides an array of other services such as Notary Public, high quality printing services, passport photos, packing and shipping. When you choose to rent a mailbox at the Beverly Hills Postal Place you are not only getting a mailbox, but you are getting great services as well. If you live in Duarte and are in need of a mailbox in the Beverly Hills area then the Beverly Hills Postal Place is the perfect place for you.